The Best Pastry Chef on M6: the home appliance references

The Best Pastry Chef on M6: the home appliance references

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I pulled out an old article from the shelves. I thought about it with pleasure watching Le Meilleur Pâtissier on Wednesday evening and finding that for all these years the partner brands had remained loyal. At the time many people had asked me for the exact references of the products since it cannot be advertised during the program. I had tried to meet expectations, trying to guess the names of the products used. I had almost taken up the challenge and as today the majority of the equipment used by the pastry candidates has not changed, I suggest you give back the fruit of my investigation. So we start with the robots and kettles that are good, as you guessed, from the Kenwood kMix collection. The color especially intrigued you which is logical since it is a special series called kMix boutique. If the other devices such as the kettle, the coffee maker and the toaster are well available in blue and pink, this is unfortunately not the case of the robots which are not marketed at the moment (arrival in store in 2013) .
I still give you the references of the kettles even if I know that robots interested you more. Kenwood, kMix magenta kettle, SJM029, around 70 € Kenwood, kMix blue kettle, SJM023, around 70 € For large appliances, you can see refrigerators in pastel colors from the SMEG brand. It was quite easy to find because they are so characteristic. At the filming location, several models were presented, including the FAB 30 AZS in blue or the FAB 32 RO in pink.
Smeg, FAB 30 AZ fridge, about 1500 € Smeg, FAB 32 RO fridge, about 1500 € I had more trouble with the emission oven but since the refrigerators were of the Smeg brand, I have concluded that the ovens should come from the same place for the sake of convenience. It was the case and the oven is therefore a Smeg, it is the oven of the Cortina collection, the SCP750AX8.
Smeg, Cortina SCP750AX8 oven, around 700 € On the utensil side, I had doubts and I therefore prefer to refrain from throwing ideas at the risk of disappointing but I still found the one that most interested me, that is to say the rolling pin with a rather strange shape. It is the rolling pin of the brand Totally Bamboo in the Lola collection.
Totally Bamboo, Lola rolling pin, from € 16 For molds and baking sheets, they are all from Tefal's AirBake collection. These molds have the distinction of having a bottom consisting of two plates separated by a layer of air so as to ensure uniform cooking.
AirBake Tefal Steel, 27 cm pie pan, € 12.49, missed pan 23 cm, € 12.49, large cake pan 24 x 14 cm, € 12.49, square cake pan 23 cm, € 12.49 , pastry tray 31 x 36 cm, € 12.49 and pastry tray 36 x 41 cm, € 13.99. All that's left is to decorate the show in your kitchen!


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