When security is deco

When security is deco

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The safety of the inhabitants of the house should not be left to chance as evidenced by the new provisions concerning smoke detectors soon to be mandatory in private apartments as well as the figures for burglaries on the rise. But that's not a reason not to worry about the decorative aspect of security devices which can also combine style and performance.

Smoke detectors play the deco card

By March 8, 2015, private dwellings must be equipped with a CE / EN14604 certified smoke detector to prevent fires that cause 600 to 800 deaths per year. And if you are reluctant to install this small box at home because of its look, know that brands compete in inventiveness to make you want to equip yourself. Latest decorative smoke detectors to date, Avissur models are adorned with a decor in order to best integrate into your home. You will thus find personalized smoke detectors with themes like "zen", "teens" or even "vintage", to match all tastes and make the security of your accommodation a decorative and original asset. > More info on www.avissur.fr

Fire extinguishers take over the house

Having a fire extinguisher used to come rarely to the minds of the occupants of a dwelling, but it was before Fire Design made this security object a real decorative accessory that is displayed with pride in the house. . With these fire extinguishers for domestic use, Fire Design bets on style by giving each extinguisher an original design as well with bright colors as thematic patterns to integrate the device into a New York or seaside style interior. The brand even offers customization for a single device. And the very decorative style does not detract from safety since the extinguisher meets all CE approvals with a 10-year warranty, free recharging when used and a free check. A new essential decoration that can save lives! > More info on www.fire-design.fr

Decorative shutters to protect against burglars

Regarding the security of housing to protect against burglaries, nothing like a dissuasive system such as an alarm or a video surveillance device. But to deter thieves, some residents do not hesitate to close their shutters to add protection to their windows. The solution to offer a beautiful perspective even when the shutters are closed after dark? A site that allows you to dress and personalize your roller shutters. You can select the photo of your choice from a free image bank, or a paid professional photo offer or by uploading a personal photo. The photo is then transposed onto an extendable textile panel fixed by a hook-and-loop strap that resists the constraints of using a roller shutter. An original idea to customize your decor while protecting your home. > More info on jedecoremonvolet.com

Installing a smoke detector Our practical DIY videos


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