What about doormats?

What about doormats?

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Posted at our door, doormats tend to go unnoticed… and yet, when chosen with care, they can make all the difference! This week, the editorial office offers you a little overview of the best we can do to welcome your visitors. To make your guests feel comfortable without having even walked through the door, start by choosing a mat that throws them! Do not be afraid to dare a little touch of humor in order to make them smile like a model in the shape of a mustache or a movie clapperboard. If you like sweet little words, bet on a carpet that invites them to pass the door without fear! We particularly like the Lovely People model from Urban Outfitters which mixes simplicity and small attention. To meet the trend of graphic patterns right on the doorstep, we rush to discover the doormat in black and white chevrons from Cyrillus. Sure it will have a little effect. Finally, you can also play the originality card by adopting a doormat that takes up the front page of a newspaper or a model decorated with small colorful houses. Come on, we let you crack!
1. The Lovely People doormat, € 35 at Urban Outfitters / 2. The chevron doormat, € 24.90 at Cyrillus / 3. The Home Alone doormat, € 25 at I don't know what to take / 4. The Sweet Home doormat, 24 , € 50 at Jardin d'Ulysse / 5. The Mustache doormat, € 32.90 at Fleux / 6. The Petit Journal doormat, € 25.99 at Maisons du Monde


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