How to choose a plant in a garden center?

How to choose a plant in a garden center?

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We often read a multitude of tips for choosing the right fruits and vegetables. Know that for plants it's the same! It is also necessary to have the eye and to learn to choose the plants which will come to embellish your interior as your exteriors. How to choose a plant in a garden center? To find out, we went to Jardiland and we asked Laura for advice.

How to choose a plant well?

First, you need to know what you are looking for. Do you want a plant with or without flowers? Do you want a decorative, depolluting, bulky, climbing plant? Is the plant for your interior or exterior? If the plant is intended for your exterior, you must take into account its future location, its exposure and the season. There are a multitude of elements to take into account to know which type of plant to turn to.

What are the signs of a plant not to choose?

A good garden center must sell beautiful, well-kept and healthy plants. But as it is not the case everywhere, know that all the plants which do not have a beautiful appearance are to be avoided. No need to buy an already wilted plant! Avoid plants whose roots you see, they are likely to be weakened, which significantly reduces the life of the plant. Also avoid dry or dusty plants, they are the proof of a lack of maintenance.

Can we trust promotions?

Of course ! It is even recommended! A promotion is not a way to get rid of damaged plants. You should know that all plants are affected by the seasons and their production can be very dense over a given period. This is why there are very favorable rates on certain plants and not on others.

If we are looking for a flowering plant, should we favor closed flowers or already open flowers?

If the plant is beautiful, the opening of the flowers does not matter. If you are impatient or the plant is a gift, choose open flowers. It's more fun. But if a plant is beautiful and has closed flowers, you can also buy it without fear because the flowers will eventually open.

Any last advice to give us?

Yes ! When choosing a plant, it is not uncommon to want a decorative pot. And there, beware of errors. Choose the right size jar. Also note that if the plant is sold in a plasticized pot with a perforated bottom, it is because you must choose a perforated pot and a saucer that will prevent you from leaking water. If the plant is in a closed pot, choose a closed pot. The choice of the pot is very important because it must be adapted to the needs of the plant. It optimizes its lifespan. On this point, do not hesitate to ask a seller for advice.


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