Tutorial: a pocket for DIY tablet

Tutorial: a pocket for DIY tablet

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Because your darling tablet or your beloved e-reader deserves a nice case, today we are offering you a DIY to make your own tablet sleeve. This tutorial is accessible to even beginners seamstresses (provided you have a sewing machine), thanks to the super clear tutorial from Elodie, from the Caely blog, who created this DIY in partnership with A Little Mercerie, online store of material creative.


You will need: - suede - a sewing machine - a screw collar button - sewing thread matching the suede - scissors - a ruler - a pencil - a Japanese knife - a glass


1. Start by cutting two pieces of 24 cm x 48 cm in suede. To create the roundings, use a glass. These dimensions are intended for the size of an iPad2. It's up to you to adapt it to the dimensions of your tablet.
2. Take one of the cut pieces, and fold it in half.
3. Open the folded piece, and draw a point 2.5 cm from the edge (rounded side) on the line formed by the fold.
4. Repeat on the other side, 6.8 cm from the edge.
5. Pin the two pieces right sides together.
6. Then make a seam all around except on one of the long sides where you must leave an opening of about 7 cm.
7. Turn the cover over, then place the tablet there to see if the two points coincide.
8. Make a small hole with a Japanese knife without pressing too hard (you might pierce the two layers). Then, thread your collar button through the opening left open.
9. Using your tablet, fold and pin both sides.
10. Sew the sides and the flap of the pocket 5 mm from the edge.
11. Cut a small slit with a Japanese knife on the point you marked in step 3 (the one 2.5 cm from the edge). The hole must pierce the two layers of suede.


And There you go ! A nice pocket for your tablet! And if you want an even more personalized pouch, nothing prevents you from customizing it with textile painting, or by embroidering accessories like in our DIY to customize a kit.
Thanks to Elodie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY tablet covers on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!