How I saved my wallet: the velvet

How I saved my wallet: the velvet

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Here it is ! The cold begins to settle in slowly, and our desires for a cozy nest in the house are coming up. So we start to take out our soft and warm textiles. And this winter, there is no question of missing out on velvet, which is making a comeback. Elegant, thick, soft, it warms our sofas, our beds and even the armchairs. A little chilly with its often high price? We have solved the problem with our selection for mini budgets. To feel like in a cocoon at home, we favor warm and cozy textiles in all rooms. This season, we are rushing on velvet, which is causing a sensation in both fashion and decoration stores. Often expensive, there are however materials that look like it like suede and that cost much less! Throws, curtains, cushions, rugs, we prepare the decor to spend the winter warm with our shopping selection!
1. The velvet and microfiber plaid, € 27.90 at Delamaison / 2. The Used carpet, € 119.20 at AM PM / 3. The anthracite suede curtain, € 29.99 at Castorama / 4. The cover velvet and linen cushion, € 9.99 at H&M Home / 5. The velvet cushion cover, € 14.99 at H&M Home / 6. The little toad armchair, € 77.90 at Delamaison


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