The robot vacuum cleaner according to Dyson

The robot vacuum cleaner according to Dyson

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It is not the first time that we have praised the merits of Dyson vacuum cleaners. Their design and performance have always seduced. Today, the brand innovates once again by offering a robot vacuum cleaner with extraordinary functions. This device is the Dyson 360 Eye. To find out, read on!

16 years of research for a revolutionary vacuum cleaner

The figures surrounding the release of the new robot vacuum cleaner, the Dyson 360 Eye, are impressive: 16 years of research, 100,000 hours of work, 200 engineers on the project for a total estimated cost of £ 28 million, or nearly 32 millions of euros. Several points have been the subject of research and even of patents, namely: the engine, the sensors, the camera and the navigation system. Today, the Dyson 360 Eye exists! It impeccably cleans your interior, it has more suction power than any device currently on the market and it is connected.

The Dyson 360 Eye: a revolutionary robot vacuum cleaner

With its 360 Eye vacuum cleaner, Dyson innovates. Indeed, as its name suggests, the robot has a 360 ° vision, this is made possible thanks to a lens placed above the device. Each part is analyzed using detectors and then cleaned impeccably. To avoid obstacles, fixed and mobile, a camera that captures 30 images / second equips the vacuum cleaner. Objects are detected at 15 centimeters. The vacuum cleaner crisscrosses the room, it never passes twice in the same place and returns to its charging station as soon as its battery becomes weak.

Some technical data

To find out more about the Dyson 360 Eye vacuum cleaner, here are some purely technical data which guarantee the quality of the device. The vacuum cleaner has a digital motor that allows it to rotate at 78,000 rpm, making it the most powerful robot on the market. The robot does not have wheels but tracks for better movement on all types of soil. It is also equipped with a brush that performs as well on hard floors as on carpets. The Lithium-ion battery allows an autonomy of 20 to 30 minutes.

A connected vacuum cleaner

We are entering a new era, an era where all of our appliances are connected. This is also the case with the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner. Indeed, the device can be controlled remotely thanks to the Dyson Link application available on iOS and Android. From this application, you can plan the cleaning of your interior in an exceptional way or program a routine. A practical feature that saves you time on a daily basis and is ideal when you go on vacation! In short, the new Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum is perfect. It is practical, efficient and can be controlled remotely. The device will be put on the market in spring 2015, which is why we have no price to communicate to you yet.


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