Will the kitchen of the future be in Hi-Macs?

Will the kitchen of the future be in Hi-Macs?

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We are always looking for new trends for you. A few weeks ago, we therefore took the direction of London and the 100% Design Show to discover, among other things, the Hi-Macs concept. What is Hi-Macs? What do we do with it? Will the kitchen of the future be in Hi-Macs? To find out, read on!

Hi-Macs, a revolutionary material

Hi-Macs is a mixture of acrylic, minerals and pigment which allows to create ultra-resistant surfaces, perfectly smooth and without visible joints. The more the mixture is heated, the more compact and therefore solid the surface will be. Hi-Macs is widely used to create wall coverings, decorative items, furniture and custom kitchens. Jean Nouvel and David Chipperfield have already used this material. In contemporary or even futuristic kitchens, Hi-Macs is a must. Because it is a very strong and heat-resistant material, it is ideal for creating kitchens that are both design and practical. Hi-Macs can take any color and shape. It is easy to maintain and ecological. In short, it has everything to please!

Hi-Macs cooking

At the 100% Design show, we saw a Hi-Macs kitchen by LG Hausys. A vision of the future. This kitchen consists of two parts. The first is the central island called "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT" to translate the sky for only limit. A name well found since the island in question takes the form of a cloud. On this island are hobs, here induction, a sink consisting of two trays, a hood and four huge drawers for dishes. The second part of the kitchen consists of several ovens (combi steamer and oven), the fridge, a coffee machine and a dishwasher. Around these household appliances, there is a large number of storage spaces.

The kitchen is playing hide and seek!

The LG Hausys Hi-Macs kitchen was created by designer Xavier Bonte. It has the distinction of appearing when you need it and disappearing the rest of the time. How? 'Or' What ? The central island opens and closes electronically. The second part of the kitchen is hidden behind a double accordion door in the shape of waves. So when you don't use the kitchen, you benefit from a design and refined space.

Does Hi-Macs have a future?

It is obvious that we have not finished hearing about Hi-Macs. At a time when we want a personalized and modern habitat, the material stands out as a solution for all creations. It is as solid as stone and as malleable as wood. A boon ! LG Hausys has already proposed several kitchen models all more futuristic than the others. It remains to be seen whether the major household appliance brands will be able to develop elements that will find their place in these unusual kitchens.


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