Small kitchen: how to bring your fridge?

Small kitchen: how to bring your fridge?

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Bringing a traditional refrigerator into a small kitchen is often a headache. Unfortunately, the dimensions of the standard appliance are not suitable for small areas. If you forget the American fridge, you don't have to settle for a camping cooler! The editor gives you 4 tips to bring your fridge into your charming little kitchen.

Opt for the mini-fridge

The simplest solution is to opt for a mini-fridge. It can be slid under the worktop in a small kitchenette. Well laid out, it is not suitable for a family but has enough capacity to store food for a week for one or two people. There are very stylish models in pop colors that have nothing to envy the grown-ups. Good to know : be careful, cleaning the fridge is not enough. Make sure that you can fully open the door and leave sufficient ventilation in the back.

Unusual: the fridge drawers

There are also built-in refrigerator-drawers. They are installed in place of a traditional kitchen base cabinet. Self-ventilated, they can contain up to 180 liters. Convenient !

Optimizing the space of your small kitchen

Another solution to bring in your fridge: rethink the space of your small kitchen. For this, optimize as much as possible and think smart storage. First question to ask: what are the essential elements? The others can therefore leave the kitchen ... Is it possible to put storage space on the wall to free up the space on the floor? Can the washing machine migrate into the bathroom? Optimizing the space will allow you to easily fit your fridge into the kitchen and visually enlarge the room. Do not hesitate to use interior design software found on the Internet.

Reduce all of your appliances

Another tip: reduce the size of your appliance. For example, invest in a two-burner hob instead of the usual four. Your kitchen designer can also offer you custom-made furniture that will make room for your refrigerator.


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