Flea Market Lab or how to easily hunt around behind your screen

Flea Market Lab or how to easily hunt around behind your screen

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It is certainly the back-to-school event for all the hard-working bargain hunters! Brocante Lab, the first marketplace specializing in retro furniture and decorative objects, was created in September. At the origin of this project, the young Charlotte Cadé, obviously passionate about flea markets. We tell you a little more about this site which will avoid you getting up early on Sunday!

A modern garage sale

Small flea markets and retro furniture stores have recently sprung up like mushrooms on the canvas. And to find your way among all its sites, you needed one that brings together the best! It is to Charlotte Cadé that we owe this good idea. The ads she selects are chosen with care and Brocante Lab identifies pretty unique pieces for lovers of retro objects. No need to wake up at 6 a.m. on Sunday and you are fat!

A community platform 2.0

Discover the rare pearl, while staying at home, that speaks to us! We have already spotted on the site a pretty chest of drawers with compass feet and a secretary from the 1950s full of charm. But the little extra that makes us want to try is the scrupulous verification of ads and sellers. No chance of getting a bad deal! And budget side, rest assured, the prices indicated remain the same as displayed on all these small flea markets online. We invite you to quickly take a look!