A facelift in my Scandinavian room for less than 150 euros

A facelift in my Scandinavian room for less than 150 euros

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In the heart of the trend, the Scandinavian style suits the bedroom. Advocating softness, light colors, functional furniture you adopted it in your room. And you are right ! However, a little boost is needed!

Repaint the parquet floor in white: 30 euros per pot

The Scandinavian style likes light colors. So give your parquet floor a fresh touch so that it regains its radiance. In addition to bringing in more light, white unifies all the surfaces it touches and has a soothing power.

Opt for a plain duvet cover: 59.90 euros

Extend the clean side by storing your patterned bed linen in the closet and prefer plain sheets. In linen preferably, they are easy to care for and very soft to the touch. Important for quality sleep.

Reheat with cushions: 9.90 euros

To warm up this Nordic breath in decoration, bet on a multitude of cushions. To be placed on the bed or on a bench, they visually warm the atmosphere and can change with the sandstone of the seasons. For this winter, pastel colors are popular!

Styling the bed with a box spring cover: 44.25 euros

Take care of your bed, it is the flagship of your room. So to finish this express makeover, end up dressing it elegantly by styling it with a box spring.


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