In the kitchen, Muji says thank you

In the kitchen, Muji says thank you

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On the occasion of the opening of its first European flagship store (a sort of flagship store) in Paris, Muji highlights its trend laboratory Found Muji. A sales and exhibition on the theme of French quality serving the kitchen is currently installed in the Les Halles store but also at Merci. The Found Muji project was born in 2011 in the brand's very first store in Aoyama, a Tokyo district dedicated to fashion. This laboratory is intended to organize each month an exhibition-sale which highlights quality work around a country or a specific theme. To celebrate the arrival of Found Muji in Paris, the trendy store Merci has decided to present on its premises a selection of kitchen utensils which testify to French mastery in the matter. Simple and everyday objects that reflect a historical culinary tradition and emphasize the importance of preserving this heritage.

Egg poacher (€ 7) / Egg cup (€ 2.90) / Hourglass
Food basket (10 €) / Wire basket (45 €)
Mussel pot (€ 12.90) / Terracotta devil (€ 45)

Note that for non-Parisians a selection among the most emblematic objects is available on the online store section of Merci.


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