How to introduce children to vegetarian cooking?

How to introduce children to vegetarian cooking?

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In France, it is recommended to eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day. Like us, the English have dietary rules. They must eat at least two vegetarian meals a week. In vegetarian cuisine, cereals and vegetables are in the spotlight. How to make children eat it? Simply by offering them a fun and tasty cuisine. Here are all our tips to introduce children to vegetarian cooking.

Fun shapes

To encourage children to eat fruits, vegetables and grains, why not make them fun? Today, there are a multitude of small utensils to bring a touch of originality to your vegetarian cuisine. Thanks to Gefu's Spiralfix, you can make vegetable spaghetti in various colors. The cookie cutters will allow you to give any shape to the vegetables while the chopper and the mixer will help you to make sauces and soups full of colors and flavors.

Perfect cooking

It is already difficult to make children eat vegetables, so if in addition the cooking leaves something to be desired you will not be able to convince them to taste your vegetarian dishes. To successfully cook your fresh vegetables, pulses or cereals, invest in a Philips multicooker. This appliance allows you to simmer or steam. Another element that has become essential in healthy cooking, the famous deep fryer Actifry by Seb. It allows you to make potato or vegetable fries while minimizing the intake of fat.

Taste !

To enhance your vegetarian dishes, use spices, herbs, fresh herbs and any other condiment that gives you flavor. Kids love sesame seeds and paprika! Use soy sauce, abuse the pestos, in short, enhance the flavors. And to seduce your charming blond heads with your vegetarian cuisine, consider involving them in the preparation of the meal!


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