When Diptych meets Papier Tigre

When Diptych meets Papier Tigre

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When Diptyque gives carte blanche to the three young creators of Papier Tigre, we have a beautiful collection of graphic and modern stationery inspired by the archives of the Parisian brand whose scented candles are so chic and delicate. It was at 34 boulevard Saint Germain that the story of Diptyque began in 1961 thanks to the artists Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coueslant. 50 years later, Diptyque tends to capture the essence and the spirit of this original address to put it in a bottle. But the smell is not enough. Hence the idea of ​​Collection 34, a collection that revisits the brand's intimacy and history in a new light. What a good idea then to give carte blanche to the three creators of Papier Tigre for a most inspired stationery collection.
The set of 4 postcards, 20 € Why stationery? Because paper is a noble material and it offers so many possibilities for creativity.
Notebooks with hardcover A5 format, € 16 each Since 2011, Papier Tigre has been working to offer stationery items with a design that is both practical and fun. Their products are made in France or in Europe on recycled or environment-friendly supports.
The set of 4 gift wrap, € 15 For this collaboration with Diptyque, we feel the filiation with the motifs "Praetorian" and "Legend" - both from the archives of Diptyque - haloed with a new graphic dynamism.
The "time-pose" is a perpetual calendar, 12 square sheets to position like a graphic table, 32 € This Papier Tigre x Diptyque collection therefore includes pretty notebooks, postcards, gift wrap and calendar. All in a limited edition, available from September 2014 in Diptyque stores and at Papier Tigre. www.papiertigre.fr


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