Before / After: Transform an old stable into a designer living room

Before / After: Transform an old stable into a designer living room

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It is not always easy to enhance your real estate assets without distorting your property. Renovation and architectural past do not always go well together ... While some owners seek on the contrary to respect the original spirit of their habitat at all costs! The two facets are not, however, incompatible, as this amazing renovation operated by Vérand'Art proves to us. The French verandalist took up the challenge of transforming old stables into a pleasant living room, while retaining the brick structure of the outbuilding. A real tour de force that we detail today in pictures!

Bringing two buildings together in one: a high-flying challenge

Before : It is in the Hauts-de-Seine department that this superb 19th century mansion and its stable are located. When the architects Vérand'Art discovered them for the first time, they quickly understood the extent of the renovation to be carried out. The owners indeed want to bring the two buildings together through a veranda while retaining the dependence in its entirety: a complex project in view of the situation of the stable, separated by several meters from the house, and its condition dilapidated. The architects 'mission is to imagine a new construction that will harmonize the two existing buildings ... Access to the owners' modern desires while respecting the XIXth architecture of the house, the bet is daring!
After : Several weeks of work were necessary to complete this construction of glass and aluminum. The new veranda, a 20 m2 single-slope building, rests on the side wall of the house. Due to the obsolescence of the stable, it was necessary to adapt and create custom elements (posts, support pieces ...): the two buildings now communicate and the owners enjoy an additional room! An ultra-minimalist kitchen and a dining room have been created in this new space bathed in light: a dream that combines the charm of the old with cutting-edge techniques!

A Mix & Match decoration

Before : Vérand'Art architects discover a stable completely abandoned. The roof is in very poor condition and threatens to collapse, while the facade gradually loses its bricks. Despite its state of disrepair, this outbuilding has many architectural assets that deserve to be highlighted!

After : The new living room offers on the ground floor a kitchen and a large dining room open to the outside. With its design and refined atmosphere, it harmoniously counterbalances the loft spirit brought by the bricks and the aluminum frame of the veranda. The space connecting the outbuilding to the house shelters a comfortable reading corner, as well as an access to the floor of the former stable where a bedroom has been fitted out. The original staircase, previously located outside the stable, has been carefully preserved and adds character to the whole. The icing on the cake, the owners can now take advantage of the space freed up on the ground floor of the house to create a large living room. On the technical side, the veranda is dressed in fixed transoms that punctuate the facade, while the T-profiles add a touch of finesse and elegance. The roof rafters are provided with LEDs, and the double-glazed walls: owners can take their meals at any time of the year without suffering the inconvenience of summer heat or winter cold!


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