Pop-Up House, a house to assemble in just 4 days!

Pop-Up House, a house to assemble in just 4 days!

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A passive house, at less than 200 € / m², and to be built in just 4 days, you believe it? Yet it is becoming a reality thanks to the crazy project of a Marseille architecture firm, Multipod Studio. The Pop-Up House is a house entirely made up of insulating blocks and wooden slats, which come together like a Lego game. All the elements of the structure, blocks and boards, are delivered at the right dimensions. Then, you just have to assemble them using a screwdriver. The house can be mounted either on a wooden floor on micro-piles, or on an insulated concrete slab. The combination of blocks and wood guarantees the solidity of the building.

Covering an area of ​​150 m², the Pop-UP House has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and living area, and a 35 m² terrace. But this distribution of space will eventually be flexible, in particular via a dedicated web application allowing the number and size of the different rooms to be defined. On the budget side, this prototype costs € 30,000 (not including the finishing work). Or a cost of 200 € / m², much lower than the lowest cost classic construction quotes (1000 € / m² for entry-level).
On the ecological side, the Pop-Up House is passive (its heating needs are less than 15 kWh / m² per year) and the entire structure can be dismantled, so that the constituents are recycled or reused! The designers also want to create several places for manufacturing materials, to limit the environmental impact of production.
Flexible and imaginative, the concept adapts to all projects: classical, contemporary architecture, house extensions or temporary installations. Convinced? To build your own Pop-Up House, you will still have to be a little patient, the concept will only be available in 2015 in certain countries.

More info in the video below or on the Pop-Up House website.

Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house from Multipod-Studio on Vimeo.