Lorafolk x Monoprix: a line of wedding decoration

Lorafolk x Monoprix: a line of wedding decoration

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The Parisian ready-to-wear brand Lorafolk joins forces with Monoprix in the context of a collaboration under the sign of love. The wedding is indeed in the spotlight, with, of course, wedding dresses, but also a line of small decoration. On the program: linens, tableware, pretty stationery… tells you everything about this unique capsule collection!

A spring and bohemian wedding decor

Here we find the powdery and delicate register specific to the Lorafolk workshop. The world of marriage is reflected in the softness of the colors, in the airy and bohemian design of the envelopes and cushions. The aesthetic is discreet and romantic, as proclaimed by the DNA of the brand created in 2011 by Laura Foulquier and Quentin Mausse, the two founders of Lorafolk. As for colors: baby pink and dreamy blue, which is reminiscent of Quartz pink and Serenity blue, elected colors of 2016 by Pantone. On the motif side: Art Deco, specially designed for the occasion. The lines are purified, with pretty pieces designed in the purest minimalism. Enough to dress your table, your living room or your bedroom with grace and good taste, using a string of charming little objects and accessories. But Lorafolk's ambition continues up to the cloakroom, in the children's department, with adorable shoes, small socks or vests specially designed by the workshop.

Lorafolk, the fashion address that appeals to Parisian women

With its chic and trendy spirit, Lorafolk has pleased Parisians who make it a reference address. For a year, the brand has specialized in the creation of wedding dresses, designed by hand by Laura Foulquier, in its workshop in the 2nd arrondissement. Lorafolk has made the country-bohemian movement - very fashionable in the wedding sector in recent years - its workhorse. The wedding dresses are distinguished by their fluid fall, their play of lace, the relaxed look and free of cuts. The universe of "folk" is still very present (hence the name "Lorafolk") and delicately blends with a bohemian universe.

Monoprix: the king of the collaboration

Always at the forefront of the trend, Monoprix continues to assert its boho-chic style by innovating in fashion. If the wedding collaboration with Lorafolk is a first, the brand has accustomed us to many other capsule collections. We remember for example Monoprix x Dutch Design, a collection around the stool or the collection of bed linen and tableware designed by Marion Lesage, on the occasion of the opening of the pop up store in the Marais. The Lorafolk x Monoprix wedding collection Available from February 10 in a selection of Monoprix stores but also online on the brand's website: Monoprix More info on Lorafolk


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