How I saved my wallet: Scandinavian decor

How I saved my wallet: Scandinavian decor

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With the start of the new school year, you have decided to rearrange everything in a soft Scandinavian atmosphere. But your main concern, and we understand it, is the budget that this transformation will ask you! The noble materials of this style from the north are rarely cheap, so the editorial team has found for you six emblematic pieces of Scandinavian style at low prices to adopt it without breaking the bank. Noble wood and pure lines, a natural cocooning atmosphere, the Scandinavian style seduces us to the point of wanting to adopt it in all rooms of the house. What scares us, however, is the hole that a row of teak or an oak coffee table may make in our decor budget. Fortunately, the big brands have understood our passion for the Nordic look and are inspired by this atmosphere to create beautiful, less expensive pieces. It's your bank account that will be happy!
1. The wooden mirror, € 49 at the 3 Suisses / 2. The chair inspired by Arne Jacobsen, € 39.75 at Conforama / 3. The tripod oak coffee table, € 49.95 at Alinéa / 4. The sideboard buffet , € 199.90 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The zig zag carpet, € 9.99 at Conforama / 6. White synthetic sheepskin, € 12.99 at Ikea


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