Tuto kids: a cardboard robot

Tuto kids: a cardboard robot

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DIY, deco, couture, Axelle's blog, la Princesse aux bidouilles, is a mine of inspiration, which you can also discover on her Etsy shop, or in the DIY book she has just released, Creations for a perfect marriage. Today, we find her for a fun and simple tutorial, a small articulated cardboard robot.


You will need: - cardboard - scissors - a graduated ruler - a pencil - a glue gun (or classic liquid glue) - an embroidery needle - a wooden skewer - a cardboard straw - Markers


1. Cut a strip of cardboard 5x25 cm and a second 3x12 cm. Then draw parallel lines along the height of your 25 cm strip, leaving 5 cm between each line. Do the same on the small strip with spacing of 3 cm.
2. On the widest strip of cardboard, cut out the last box (box 5). So you have four boxes left on this strip. Using a skewer (and an embroidery needle if you cannot pierce), make a hole in box 2 about 1 cm from the edge and repeat the operation in box 4 Your hole must be wide enough so that the pick can be slid into it.
3. Now fold the 4 sides of your strip to obtain an open cube. Use the pencil lines made beforehand. Glue the sides together. Then take the box you cut out earlier, and use it to close the box by sticking it. You get an open cube which will constitute the head of your robot.
4. Then pass your pick through the cube using the two holes made in step 2, and cut off its ends.
5. Now take a straw to form the "backbone" of your robot. Put it in your cube "head" and cut what protrudes. Your column is now approximately 5 cm.
6. Drill 3 holes as in the photo: the first hole should be about 1 cm from the top of the straw, the second 5 cm from the bottom, and the last 2.5 cm.
7. Take the second strip of cardboard and place the base of your "column" straw in it. Drill boxes 1 and 3 with 2 holes in the center. They should be aligned with those located on the straw. Then create a new cube by folding and gluing your strip. You get the body of your robot.
8. Take the robot's head and pass the "column" straw through your pick.
9. Cut 2 pieces of 3.5 cm straw to form the arms, then 2 pieces of 2.5 cm for the legs. Drill holes on either side of the straws on their upper parts.
10. Thread your arms at the end of a peak that you will pass through the upper hole of your "body" cube. Advance the pick inside the hole in your "column" straw, then cross the other end of your cube before sliding the second arm into it. You can now cut off the excess skewer. (It's easier in pictures!)
11. It is now the turn of the "leg" straws which must be positioned towards the outside of the robot but inside the cube as in the picture below.

12. Cut a piece of cardboard to make a base and stick it to the robot's legs.


And now, you just have to customize your robot by drawing a face!

Thanks to Axelle for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your teepees on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!