How to maintain your wooden arbor?

How to maintain your wooden arbor?

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Having a wooden arbor is a nice alternative to the parasol. The wooden arbor offers natural materials which wonderfully find their place in the heart of the garden. To take full advantage of its wooden arbor, it must be maintained. And this, whether it is backed or not. How? 'Or' What ? Here are our tips.

Why should you maintain your wooden arbor?

Wooden garden furniture, like arbors and wooden pergolas, must be maintained. In fact, wood works and deteriorates over time, especially outdoors. The wood must be protected from the vagaries of the weather and plants which over the months will take up residence on the arbor. To do this, the wooden structure must be treated with specific products.

Treatment of the wooden structure

To maintain and therefore treat the wooden structure of your pergola, you will need two products: the first is a treatment of exterior woodwork and the second is a protector. These products are applied to wood previously prepared each year before the summer season.

How to proceed ?

The first step is to brush the wood to remove all the dirt. Then it should be lightly sanded with sandpaper. Once this task is finished, brush again to dust. The wood is now ready to receive the treatment of exterior woodwork. Apply one coat and a second 15 minutes later. Let dry 12 to 24 hours according to the instructions. Then apply the first layer of protector and a second 12 hours later. It is possible to varnish the wood of your arbor or to apply a stain. This allows, after a few years, to change colors.

Signs to watch

Wood is a material that will be prone to fungi, mold and insects. Wood should be monitored regularly and the necessary treatments applied. It can be a fungicide, a water repellent or an insecticide. All of these products are sold in DIY stores and sometimes in supermarkets.

Protected feet

The feet of a wooden arbor cannot in any case be in contact with the ground. It is imperative to place concrete slabs under each foot in order to protect and if necessary, balance the structure.

A preserved canvas

Maintaining the structure of the arbor is one thing, it is also necessary to linger on the canvas. The latter must be washed regularly. For that, soapy water and a brush are enough! Be sure to spread the canvas over the floor to wash it, dry it and then put it back. During the cold season, when the arbor is no longer used, store your canvas in a garden shed or in the garage to preserve it.

Good to know

A well-maintained wooden arbor can be kept for 15 years! So to make great savings, you have to make the effort to take care of your arbor throughout the year.


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