The mosquito net: a new decorative ally for your vacation

The mosquito net: a new decorative ally for your vacation

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Both useful and decorative, the mosquito net is essential when the evening comes, the habitat and the terrace are adorned with a subtle light without the insects being invasive. This veil of protective lightness is an element of decoration both colorful and airy. The new trend mosquito net also takes you on vacation, from the mobile home to the tent, but also on the beach.

Refined summer protection

If a number of mosquito nets are made of tulle, there are others made of linen and cotton with the most beautiful effect. Element of interior decoration new trend, this square screen brings a touch of refinement to the bedroom, the living room, and why not the barnum. It elegantly protects the privacy of everyone, and allows you to relax in peace, away from insects. Bed, garden furniture, curl or sunlounger will find their place under this decorative mosquito net. It is also perfect for babies to sleep peacefully in the shade, even on vacation.

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A canopy for little princess

What little girl could resist the lace canopy mosquito net? Worthy of a thousand and one nights, it can be taken everywhere for a dream vacation. It is fixed by a simple ring above the bed, and can completely be hung on a tree branch, for shaded naps sheltered from small animals. Available in pastel colors, the princess mosquito net brings an elegant and personal decorative touch to a holiday home.

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Protect your hammock with a mosquito net

Bubble without complex under your generously sized hammock and no longer be on the lookout for the smallest creature. Ideal for entomophobes and other arachnophobes, the mosquito net for a single hammock or for a two-person hammock is the ideal ally for evenings under the stars. It also brings an indisputable decorative touch. Impregnated with a mosquito repellent, it is of exceptional efficiency. Slip into luggage, this mosquito net offered in different colors in pharmacies and drugstores is the travel companion to be remembered under any circumstances. And if you decide to have a candlelit picnic after dark, choose the cabin mosquito net without hesitation.

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Personalize your vacation spot

So that the vacation rental has a soul that resembles you, it is quite possible to revamp it in two stages three movements with a few colored lanterns to hang on the balcony or around the terrace, a few curtains quickly set up to protect your privacy and of course the mosquito nets to install in the bedrooms, living room or in the garden. A punctual decoration that will be able to provide many services to the whole family while embellishing the vacation spot. We keep of course a mosquito net in the beach bag: it will be enough to hang it on the parasol to sunbathe serenely by the sea or a lake. The tulle is sold by the meter so that everyone can cut mosquito nets according to their needs.

A mosquito net to decorate yourself

In order to bring a touch of originality to the windows, the terrace or quite simply the bedroom, we show creativity by customizing this essential cocoon in summer. For romantic inspiration, the mosquito net can be adorned with multicolored flowers and butterflies, pearls and sequins for a bohemian touch, or even raffia bows and dried spikes, divine evocation of nature. What to arm yourself with refinement against unwanted.

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