Quick, a bar stool!

Quick, a bar stool!

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American-style "dinner" version with the RUNAH model or neo-bistro with JADE and its fresh colors, the high stools are the conviviality asset in a house for coffee breaks or lunches.

The kitchen is renewed

Do you like to cook and chat with friends over a drink? Bar stools and their style warm have their place in your interior. Around a suitable table or a raised work plan, this new type of seat makes a come back noticed. Its asset: a small footprint. This season, two models stand out for their aesthetics and comfort: RUNAH and JADE.

Style and functionality

On the first floor, the elegant look of American-style bars where coffee flows at will. Available in three colors (black, red or white), RUNAH is comfortable with a shell covered with polyurethane (washable with a sponge), a contour and a chromed metal foot. The must : it is adjustable in height from 64cm to 80cm. On the second, the design look which awakens interiors and equips a kitchen with style. Available in five current colors (white, gray, black, blue and red), JADE brings a touch of modernity to any interior with its lacquered seat and feet in solid beech. The trendy tip of the moment: mismatch the colors of the stools to better highlight them but also wake up your kitchen island.

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