Is the brazier the new barbecue?

Is the brazier the new barbecue?

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Finally, there is a solution to extend the barbecue season and taste, even in the middle of winter, tasty dishes cooked over a wood fire ... just for the pleasure of enjoying convivial moments surrounded by nature. The Belgian company Barbecook offers different models of braziers of all shapes, equipped with many accessories such as hot smoker, cold smoker, tripod, pulley, stoves or even integrated thermometer. Thanks to the brazier, even the most homebody will dream of becoming adventurers.

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A barbecue serving gastronomy

The barbecue as conceived by Barbecook brings up to date the convivial meals taken outside whatever the season. Barbecook, creator of the "100% pleasure barbecue", allows everyone to simmer the most elaborate dishes in the open air, from starter to dessert, and enjoy them in the great outdoors. Healthy and delicious, the brazier cuisine is second to none. Cooked over a wood fire, it allows you to find real taste sensations. The picnic is no longer limited to ham and butter, but can be an opportunity to enjoy paella, stew and other dishes that have been simmered for a long time. Barbecook braziers are a must for simmering a la carte picnic meals. They are the perfect companions for campers, fishermen and all lovers of getaways with family or friends.

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The brazier, a tailor-made barbecue

Highly resistant to temperatures around 600 ° C, Barbecook braziers are made of lacquered steel or cast iron, depending on the model. All shapes are available, and each brazier can be completed with multiple accessories making meal preparation outside accessible to all. The braziers are equipped with a hob, grid, compact folding tripod made of highly resistant lacquered steel, various pans whether for popcorn or chestnuts, or even casseroles of different sizes to hang for rack cooking. as before. And for large parties in which many guests participate, you can equip your brazier with a giant pan.

Photo credit: Barbecook

Barbecook smokers for a cuisine rich in flavors

To rediscover the authenticity of the flavors, the food can be cooked by smoking thanks to the different Barbecook smokehouses. This cooking method is ideal for not distorting food and is suitable for all products, whether small or large pieces. Meat, fish, seafood, vegetables can be smoked cold or hot. In the first case, the cooking is done slowly at a temperature below 25 ° C and allows to obtain a more or less pronounced smoked taste. In the second case, cooking is obtained by smoking chips. The temperature does not exceed 80 ° C. Whatever type of smoking you choose, the cooking temperatures can be checked at any time using the built-in thermometer. Of course, the air intake is adjustable for perfect control.


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