Material focus: how to choose a laminator?

Material focus: how to choose a laminator?

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Ideal for protecting your creations, the laminator allows, for example, to make a birthday card more rigid or to create labels. Follow our advice to choose the laminator that best suits your needs!

The laminator: for what purpose?

Depending on whether you make creations of scrapbooking occasionally or that the scrapbooking one of your most frequent activities, you will need a laminator different. Indeed, for occasional use, a laminator domestic fits perfectly. This laminator offers you the possibility of laminating up to 125 microns per side, which corresponds to semi-rigid laminating. If your plasticization needs are greater, it is advisable to choose a laminator Office. It is versatile and can laminate up to 250 microns per side, which is equivalent to the rigidity of a bank card.

The size of the laminator

Choosing a laminator is also based on the format of the documents to be laminated. If you want to laminate only small parts, a laminator A4 size will be sufficient. However, prefer a laminator A3 if you plan to laminate large creations. In case of doubt, it is better to choose a laminator larger, since it is then always possible to laminate smaller documents.

What budget for a laminator?

Plan a budget of 30 to 400 euros for a laminator .


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