Dress up a piece of furniture with a stencil

Dress up a piece of furniture with a stencil

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Nothing is easier than stencil painting to customize a piece of furniture. For a makeover without slipping and without burrs, put on your furniture decorator cap and follow the tutorial revealed in this DIY.

The stencil, at the heart of the trend

What could be more trendy than a drawing stencil to customize a furniture ? Whether to give a graphic effect to a storage case or to display a registration on a bar chair from the AMBER range, the stencil give character to your decor. Other solutions are also possible for your chairs, in particular thanks to the addition of touches of paint! Geometric or plant patterns blend surreptitiously on the surface of your furniture to create a movement effect. Economical, easy and trend , the stencil technique has several assets to seduce even the most neophytes of DIY…

Master the stencil technique in 5 steps!

To make this DIY, you need: - A furniture to makeover with wooden support. - Stencil paint. - A stencil : flowers, stars, inscriptions or stylized drawings: there are as many patterns as decorative variations… - A stencil brush. - Repositionable adhesive tape. 1 / For a makeover without burrs and without skidding, clean your furniture . The surface to be customized can, if necessary, be stripped and repainted in order to remove all traces of varnish. 2 / Position the stencil on the surface to be customized. Your delicate mission therefore consists in not moving the stencil an iota in order to fix it with repositionable adhesive tape. 3 / Moisten your stencil brush in the painting taking care not to overload it. If necessary, remove the excess paint using a cardboard. 4 / Play it professional by stamping the painting very gently in a movement going from the outside to the inside of the pattern ... For a retro look, just a coat of paint. For a more marked effect, add a layer. 5 / Carefully remove the stencil, let it dry ... TADAM! Your furniture restyled by your own hands gives you good reasons to be proud of yourself!

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