What colors to choose for a little girl's birthday?

What colors to choose for a little girl's birthday?

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It's your little girl's birthday and you want to mark the event? For that, nothing like a beautiful table and a nice decoration! Whether you opt for girly colors like pink or purple, or if you think outside the box, here we offer a host of great ideas to delight your daughter and her friends.

The eternal rose

Pink is the official color of little girls. It is also a color of choice for a princess, ballerina or glamorous decor. If you organize the birthday in the garden, know that pink coordinates perfectly with the green of nature. To highlight the pink, opt for a white tablecloth and pretty flowers and decorative glass elements. Note that there are a multitude of pink candies. Place them in transparent bottle-style containers for a very successful effect.

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Red fantasy

Red is a popular color for little girls. Sometimes energetic, sometimes greedy, the red color offers a wide choice of decor ideas. Red is the color of a country snack or a natural snack where mushrooms and ladybugs are master. Whether you choose peas or gingham, it looks great. Like pink, red blends with green and therefore plants, but also white.

The blue version for girls

Blue is not a color reserved for boys! You can create a magnificent aerial or magical decoration with blue. Besides, doesn't our dear Princess Cinderella wear this color? Blue, combined with white and red, offers many possibilities. Why not throw yourself into a picnic snack or a fairground decoration by placing pretty plaids on the grass or lanterns.

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Yellow, an illumination

Yellow is a color that little girls love. It recalls the sun or the blonde hair of princesses. It is a color that also offers many possibilities in terms of decoration. Why not take the theme of bees, butterflies or flowers? Yellow combined with red, blue or green will work wonders in the context of a rainbow decoration or a pop decoration. It's up to you to subtly marry the colors!

Gray, so girly

Your little girl is growing up and wants to impress her friends? Bet on a semi-girly, half-glamorous decor, all in shades of gray. Dark gray or pearl gray, you will find many ideas. Why not opt ​​for a Parisian birthday, or on the theme of fashion? You should know that gray goes well with white, black, red, pink or turquoise. You will be able to vary the pleasures and satisfy all the desires of your little princess.
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