5 decorative techniques for laying tiles at home

5 decorative techniques for laying tiles at home

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The tiling is a covering which is posed in different ways in order to personalize the interior decoration. Each type of installation depends on individual tastes, but is also dictated by the shape of the tiles. To exercise this art while limiting the loss of material, it is of course essential to allow a moment for the layout. From laying a chevron to laying a carpet, floors and walls become a work of art.

Laying chevron tiles

Herringbone laying is particularly recommended if you opt for ultra-trendy imitation wood tiles, each tile imitating the floorboards. The most common dimensions are 60 x 15 cm for small blades, 120 x 20 cm for large blades. The installation in chevron allows to obtain a sublime set of blades. We obtain a zigzag effect of the most beautiful effect.
Photo credit: Normandy Ceramics

Laying with frieze

Ideal for an entrance hall or a large, uncluttered room, laying with a frieze creates a border. If this type of installation is suitable for floor tiles, it is just as suitable for wall tiles. It is ideal for creating harmonies of colors, and putting the decorative accent on good quality tiles.
Photo credit: Versace

Laying checkered tiles

The checkerboard is back in the trend, judicious to create a dialogue between two colors. Black and white, red and black, taupe and linen… there are countless combinations of colors. The checkerboard pose plays on the alternation and punctuates the decor. Be careful, however, to reserve it rather for a room with little furniture, otherwise you will get a somewhat heavy result.
Photo credit: Arasota

Cabochon pose

We choose to install cabochon tiles to create a floor or wall ornament. Very refined, this type of installation can be sublimated with glass tiles for example. Allowing at the same time a marriage of colors full of elegance, the glass cabochon tiling is second to none to play with light. It can be applied to the floor, the wall, but also to the glass partition that separates the master bedroom from the bathroom. An ideal solution to preserve everyone's privacy in style.
Photo credit: Cabochon SDA

Carpet laying

To enhance the decor of a living room, we tend to put carpets on the floor. But the effect can be more spectacular with a tiled carpet. It is a very nice way to refine your interior. All fantasies are allowed. The carpet can be chosen to harmonize different colors of tiles, to play with the different sizes of tiles or even the direction of laying or to highlight a tiling with a material effect. This type of pose requires reflection before launching, because it does not leave room for chance. Without layout, there is a risk of wasting material. Indeed, the cut of each tile must be calculated with high precision: sine qua non condition for an extremely impressive final result.
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