In drawing: make your own stamps

In drawing: make your own stamps

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Tired of buying a lot of stamps all made for a variety of reasons, for your creative hobbies? The solution ? You can make your stamps yourself, with the patterns you like, for 100% personalized creations! Imagine that later, you can use these stamps for your scrap pages and cards of course, but also to customize all kinds of objects: dress up your white dishes, your t-shirts, your cushions, your frames and wooden mirrors ... You just have to choose the inks that will suit the materials you want to stamp and you will get, in no time, very nice decorations, imagined by yourself, and reproducible at will! Here, below, a small example with a cow drawn by me and reproduced on the block of eraser. The principle is the same as the technique of relief engraving, but the support you engrave is ultra soft and therefore very easy to work. It is therefore a technique accessible to all, even to children. You just have to be careful and patient ... and always pay close attention to your fingers! To experiment with this technique, you will need: - a block of eraser. You can find them online at Boesner from € 1.66 - small gouges for engraving. Here too, you can find a small set of gouges with interchangeable leads at Boesner from € 6.82 - with paper and pencil to make your pattern - Colorbox Chalk inks for stamping your patterns (or others depending on the medium you stamp)! It's your turn !


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