Build your house: what administrative formalities?

Build your house: what administrative formalities?

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Many households want to own their own house, and are increasingly turning to building real estate. The relatively low interest rates on home loans and the guarantee of a property are an incentive, however several formalities should be considered before building your house. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a house construction

The right choice of building land

First, buying the land is obviously the most important first step before building the house of your dreams. Not always easy and sometimes long and costly, these steps can nevertheless avoid certain pitfalls before building a property. So the location of the land must be a wise choice, depending on the situation of your household and several questions must then be asked. Is it essential for you to move away from large urban centers in order to pay less? Is proximity to services and shops preferable? Similarly, the composition of the soil and the orientation of the land to be built must be the subject of increased vigilance in order to avoid future disappointments.

The town planning certificate

Once the ideal land has been found and the land use plan approved, prior administrative authorization is required at the town hall. Indeed, a town planning certificate is compulsory to warn the administration of your future real estate project. This then includes a certain number of provisions such as the building rules to be observed, the various taxes to be paid on the value of the land, as well as a right of first refusal. This certificate is then valid for 18 months but nevertheless remains free at the town hall or can be provided by the seller of the land. However, the latter does not replace the building permit, but indicates the legislation in force such as the local urban plan, the natural risk prevention plan or even the projects envisaged in your construction area by the public authorities.

The choice of professionals to take charge of your work

Once the financing plan for the land and your future building house has been drawn up, a sales contract is then drawn up by a notary for more security, which stipulates the exact details of your land. The construction of your house can then take place after applying for a building permit and a number of formalities which depend on the type of house and its location. The individual houses or in subdivision answer to various legislations like the demarcation, which remain however for more facilities, the responsibility of the contractor and the constructor. The choice of professionals is therefore of paramount importance for the construction of your future home, because it involves a lot of work and requires qualified labor as well as adequate insurance. A declaration of start and end of work will then concretize the completion of your real estate project.


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