The mustache motif spares the decor

The mustache motif spares the decor

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Are you thirsty for originality and want to create a fun and humorous atmosphere? Nothing's easier ! You just have to adopt the mustache pattern, as funny as it is offbeat, and dare to decorate the hair.

Mustache on the wall

We start our decorative, fun and offbeat overview with this strip of wallpaper that mixes prints with style. On an elegant ultra graphic blue background, a delicate drawing of deer antlers sublimates a discreet white mustache. Ideal for twistering a sober atmosphere and adding pep to your interior, we dare this strip of wallpaper without delay!

Photo credit: Lé Papiers de Ninon

The mustache plays the card of humor

As funny as it is offbeat, the mustache plays the card of humor. Like this pretty metal plate, adorned with a very funny quote: Kiss me right under my mustache! What sketch a smile and create a feel good atmosphere. And for a guaranteed decorative effect, do not hesitate to accumulate plates of different sizes and colors.

Photo credit: AM PM

The mustache pattern dresses the cushions

In addition to dressing our walls, the mustache motif also adorns everyday decorative items. Nice example with these pretty cushions that showcase several types of mustaches. Between the thin mustache of superheroes, the mustache of grandpa itchy, bushier and the mustache well designed of urban cowboys, there is really something for everyone!

Photo credit: La Cerise sur le Gâteau /

Mustache hangers

Last blow of heart for these unusual hangers! Similar to pretty little colorful mustaches, these hangers bring the touch of fun that was missing in the decor of your little one's room.

Photo credit: La Redoute