I tested for you the green flame candle

I tested for you the green flame candle

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The object of much attention in summer, the outdoor candles light up our sweet evenings in the garden. Along the swimming pool, on the table or placed in the recesses of the garden, they participate nicely in staging your atmosphere. After the lanterns, the lemongrass candles you will have to rely on the green flame candle this season. Environmentally friendly and non-flammable, it remains a novelty that piqued our curiosity and that we wanted to test for you..
Once your box is unpacked, you will discover inside a practical kit It consists of a very nice square wooden support, an oil refill and a long lighter which will be used even for your other candles.
Let's go, we start the experience! Open the refill. It is equipped with a child safety device, so you must press and turn the cap at the same time. The exercise is quite easy unlike other containers of this type which require specific training.
The spout of the tapered bottle allows you to fill the candle reservoir without putting it everywhere But rest assured that the liquid is not toxic to the touch unlike other products of this kind, you will not risk your life with each use! And nice, there are still plenty left for other uses!
The operation finished, take care of the wick Just check that it does not protrude from its support so as not to ignite your guests. If this is the case, simply pull it gently and readjust its position.
Place the wick on its base and let it soak for a few seconds I waited 1 minute to check two or three emails!
It only remains for me to light the flame just before my guests arrive and… surprise the flame is very green! An originality that did not escape my guests who noted that decidedly I was always at the forefront of decoration!
© Made in Colors Good to know : with a 500 ml bottle your green flame will sparkle for 20 hours! What to hold all summer. Environmentally friendly, it is smoke and odor free and is sold for 8 euros and count 30 euros for the wooden base. Site: Copyright:


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