Sewing: learning how to make a buttonhole

Sewing: learning how to make a buttonhole

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Buttonholes can be made by hand or by machine. We will teach you how to sew a buttonhole by hand. To do this, we recommend that you first master the latest news: 737407 buttonhole stitch. 1. Cut with scissors a slit the length of the diameter of the button.
2. Poke the needle at one end of the slit, then carry out the first update: 737407 buttonhole stitch. As a reminder, you must form a loop with the thread from left to right below the slit, prick the needle behind the slit of the buttonhole and always take it out to the right of the previous point, making sure that the tip of the needle passes over the loop.
3. Continue making the following buttonhole stitches all the way through the slit.
4. When you get to the other end of the buttonhole slot, continue making buttonhole stitches with a slight diagonal stitch.
5. Finally, continue making the following buttonhole stitches all the way down the slit to finish your buttonhole.


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