Can we renovate an old plastic shower tray?

Can we renovate an old plastic shower tray?

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Answer: clean the tank with a sponge and conventional cleaning products, rinse and polish with a cloth.

Yes, but plastic is not a very easy material to renovate, because it is easily damaged. It will therefore be necessary to take care that the products which you intend to use are well compatible with the plastic. To start, take an ordinary sponge (not a scouring sponge because it would risk scratching the plastic). Soak your sponge with classic cleaning products. Soap or dish soap may suffice, depending on the condition of your shower pan. If it is very dirty, it is better to use a cloth soaked in methylated spirits. Rinse the tank, and then wipe it with a very soft dry cloth to polish the surface of the plastic. If you notice any scratches on the shower tray, be aware that it is possible to repair them using a cloth soaked in a metal polish. If some parts of your shower tray are blackened and this dirt does not leave with soap or alcohol, you can also use a high-pressure cleaner.


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