Optimizing storage in a studio

Optimizing storage in a studio

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When you live in a small area, it is sometimes difficult to structure the space and find tips to arrange it properly. More than any other type of accommodation, the studio, due to its very small size, must be a practical and functional place. Whether it is 15m², 20m² or 25m², there are many solutions that will allow you to make your main room, which acts as a kitchen, living room, office and sleeping area, a comfortable and warm living space , where life is good.

Create a living space

Your floor space is reduced and you want to increase the space dedicated to storage? Use the volumes by betting on a mezzanine, if the surface you have under the ceiling allows you. With the mobile platform imagined by Espace Loggia, there is no more clutter. During the day, the bed is stored on the ceiling, leaving the field free for all possible arrangements. At night, manually, we lower the movable platform without having to move the furniture.

Photo credit: Espace Loggia

Very organized

Optimizing the space also requires practical, functional storage, adapted to the size of your space. For that, do not hesitate to exploit all the recesses of your habitat with bins, boxes, chests, cubes or baskets. You can also think of an all-in-one solution, such as the one imagined by Ikéa: with the Algo storage system, no more storage problems! Versatile and infinitely modular, it will easily adapt to your space and your storage needs, thanks to its multitude of personalized combinations.

Photo credit: Ikéa

One key word: modularity

When you live in a small studio, every inch counts. It is therefore essential to use cunning to increase the floor space without neglecting the essential furniture and accessories of our daily lives. So bet on the retractable or the modular. The two watchwords are fold and fold. Nesting tables, folding tables and chairs will allow you to receive without being invaded by unnecessary furniture the rest of the time. Prefer also furniture with several functions: sofa bed, coffee table which once opened turns into an office. With the Bimodal Ulisse Dining bed table, take advantage of your space to eat during the day and sleep at night. Fully customizable according to your needs, they adapt to all your desires.

Photo credit: Bimodal

Opt for all in one

Having everything close at hand is essential when you live in a small area. To meet this requirement, many brands are working to offer turnkey and all-in-one solutions capable of bringing you all the necessary comfort in your small space. This is the case with the Delphy collection from the bathroom furniture brand Delpha. 3, 4, 5 or 6 m² Delphy allows you to store and furnish without counting. His secret? Play on the depths of the furniture to adapt to your space, meet all your desires for comfort and functionality thanks to multiple high and low storage spaces, offer additional furniture equipped with clever interior fittings and combine the furniture with many unique mirrors, lights and accessories… all at a reduced price. In the world of cooking, the Neff brand surprises with its compact and nomadic kitchen C = 1m2. Here, every square centimeter and every cubic centimeter is used to form a complete kitchen which occupies the incredibly small floor area of ​​1m2. Small in size, it nevertheless surprises with its extraordinary equipment: storage shelves, a lighting system, a trash can, a refrigerator, a microwave combination oven, an induction domino, a hood, a sink and a mixer. To which are added a 5-liter water heater and a 32-amp electrical panel. What more !

Photo credits: Delpha / Neff


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