In this summer fair: the 5 ideas to remember

In this summer fair: the 5 ideas to remember

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Summer has finally arrived and you want to let yourself be tempted by its good mood in your living room. But you dry up when it comes to taking action. Do not refrain your desires, the editorial team gives you 5 good ideas to remember to successfully introduce summer into your stay!

Idea n ° 1: Mix the patterns

The patterns love other patterns especially on sunny days! They have the power to enhance each other. Small gingham squares, diamonds, stripes, psychedelic flowers… rub shoulders happily and exhibit a very fashionable "mix and match" spirit.

Idea n ° 2: Dare the colors

We are often afraid to associate patterns and colors, yet the alliance of the two brings dynamism and cheerfulness to the softer tones. But not to veer to the visual cacophony prefer the white walls, they will offer a beautiful setting to highlight your colors.

Idea n ° 3: Display the memories of holidays

Personalize your living room by exposing to the eyes of all your objects brought back from your wanderings. Telling a story, they dress your room and they help bring your decor to life. Each accessory having a sentimental value or reminding you of a travel souvenir, having them in front of you is a way to relive your sweetest thoughts on a daily basis.

Idea n ° 4: Leave the ground bare

To avoid touching the original beauty of the tiled floor and to keep your feet cool during the hottest hours, no carpet is placed on the floor. Leaving a free voice to objects, patterns and colors to express themselves. In winter, nothing prevents you from sliding under the sofa, a thick carpet, but on one condition, choose it plain so as not to look away from the tiles.

Idea n ° 5: Bring in as much light as possible

The color is sublimated by the light, so do not hide access to it and adorn your windows with a light veil that lets the sun's rays penetrate as much as possible. More airy than the curtains with a heavy drape, they give off a feeling of freshness and well-being in your room.