Tutorial: transform an old frame into a chalk board

Tutorial: transform an old frame into a chalk board

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If there is one thing that does not change between all the old houses, it is the first choice frames that often sit in the living room. Thus, between photos of flowery landscapes and portraits of a bit creepy forefathers, these often undergo the taunts of the youngest during family celebrations! But like these houses that have survived the years, these charming frames also have the right to a new life. Today we are going to learn how to very simply transform an old frame into a chalk board.


- an old frame - a fine wooden board in the format of the frame (you can use the panel on the back of the frame) - slate paint - a chalk Budget: around 10 € Duration: 30 minutes


1. Open the frame and prepare the wooden board. Apply a coat of blackboard paint. To do this, hold the spray can about 30 cm from the panel using circular movements. One coat is usually enough. Our tip: we used spray paint but there are also paint cans and even vinyl chalkboard film.
2. Once the paint is completely dry, position the panel in the frame, closing the backs securely.


Quickly done well done ! This tutorial is ultra simple to perform for a truly original result. Very practical in a kitchen, it can be used for the shopping list. In an entry or an office, it will serve as a reminder. You can hang a chalk attached with a cotton cord to always have it handy.
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