Sewing: learning how to make simple pliers

Sewing: learning how to make simple pliers

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The pliers are folds made in a garment to give it a better fall. Single pliers are the most used type of pliers and are used especially for skirts and pants. Here's how to do it. 1. First, mark the top of the pliers with a tailor's frame and the base of the pliers with two tailor's frames.
2. Fold the actu: 739845 fabric right side up, making the tailoring stitches coincide and pin.
3. Baste in the news: 737409 single mount point the line connecting the mount points, then remove the pins.
4. Then stitch along this line and undo the single frame stitches.
5. Continue by sewing by hand the seam made previously. To do this, prick the needle vertically under the stitches.
6. Finally, fold the clamp on one side and iron it.
7. This gives you a simple pliers.


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