Monbento launches a special Brazil bento in limited edition

Monbento launches a special Brazil bento in limited edition

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On the occasion of the 20th Football World Cup, the French nomad tableware brand, monbento, dresses its famous bento in the colors of the organizing country, I named Brazil. Between practicality and style, return to a trend that has become global.

But what is a bento?

A veritable phenomenon in Asia and in Anglo-Saxon countries, bentomania has invaded Europe. Originally, "bento" is a Japanese term for a quick meal contained in a box and taken outside the home. Today, the bento is democratized and is similar to the Anglo-Saxon "lunch box", or box that allows you to take your meal everywhere with you. Everyday object for the Japanese, the bento has seduced Westerners thanks to its practical, economical and decorative side. More than a container, the bento is now a real fashion accessory.

A bento in the colors of Brazil!

Because of the World Cup, the monbento brand has chosen to mark the occasion by declining its famous bento with acid colors and characteristics of Brazil: yellow, green and white. Practical and clever, this special Brazil bento offers a sparkling and summery look, ideal for giving pep's to your breakfasts. Like the brand's other bento boxes, this limited edition is made up of two airtight containers, a removable box and a large elastic band. And it goes in the microwave, like in the dishwasher. Note: the Original bento has won 2 awards for its design, the Global Innovation Award and the Reddot Design Award. To buy this bento in the colors of Brazil, go to the site: