What colors in a vintage style living room?

What colors in a vintage style living room?

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Vintage style is back in force in all interiors, from the Haussmann apartment to the country house, from the loft to the student studio. It evokes nostalgia for the 1950s, authenticity, and the vintage object is different from the decorative object in series. In short, we love it for its rarity. To enhance a vintage style living room is to create a world without visual clashes. It remains to choose the colors in perfect correlation with this atmosphere of yesteryear.

Pastel for a successful vintage salon

Today, the interior decor is completely personalized to look like no other. This is partly what explains the return in force of the vintage style whose authenticity is also found in the color of the walls, the floor, the curtains and carpets Both aged and melted, discreet and tender, these colors are the perfect accomplices of objects and furniture from a past era. It is therefore almost natural that the living room is adorned with old pink and powder pink, tender green and lavender blue almost washed out. Cushions and wallpaper printed with old-fashioned bouquets of roses seem to be suspended in time.

Strong colors to punctuate the decor

If the pastel colors are particularly suited to the vintage style, it also integrates the singing colors, even garish. It is therefore fashionable to punctuate the decor of the vintage style living room with a few sustained color notes. The petroleum blue associated with a powdery pink makes it possible to bring a real signature to this convivial room. A color that can be placed on a single section of wall or to be used in small touches thanks to a plastic foot lamp or the handles of formica or plexiglass furniture. More singular would be to choose a few flashy pink lacquered consoles as storage furniture for a living room that is as stylish as it is functional. Everyone in any case to adopt the colors that look like him. The essential stickers today, give pride of place to the culture of the 1950s during which the Pop Art movement appeared. The acidulous tones of then are the must to give life to a vintage living room, but we will avoid as much as possible the total look.

Vintage style in an industrial decor

Authentic materials such as leather, cotton and silk inevitably find their place in a vintage style living room and confront industrial materials such as plastic and plexi. It becomes as interesting as it is surprising to reinterpret them by integrating them into an industrial atmosphere. Thus, the chocolate-brown leather armchair covered with a few cushions in old pink and ecru prints or an English green plaid rubs without any complex the metal and aluminum of an industrial style apartment. We can therefore combine metallic gray and flashy chrome with elegant and warm tones of brown. Proof that in terms of decoration, the range of colors makes it possible to play the card of originality and serves as a link between different styles. Garage sale and flea market are places to go without moderation to hunt for the rare piece.