Material focus: how to choose pastels?

Material focus: how to choose pastels?

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Adapted to your desires, pastels are available in a multitude of colors. Dry pastels or oily pastels, the possibilities are numerous, but you still have to know how to choose them ... Overview of pastels and their characteristics to facilitate your search.

What are dry pastels?

There are three types of pastels so-called "dry":
  • The pastels soft, rich in intensity and color for a powdery effect. In the form of rods, cylindrical, they are suitable for drawing large areas, but are however very fragile.
  • The pastels Dry hard are sought after for their resistance. Cut to a point, they allow fine lines and details. Used horizontally, they easily color large areas.
  • Pencils pastels are halfway between the previous two. They are preferred for sketches and drawings with many details.
For a box of 24pastels dry, count on average 24 euros.

What are oil pastels

? If their diversity of colors is less important than that of pastels dry, oily pastels allow their own effects. There are two types of pastels called "fat":
  • The pastels which are made up of pigments and oil. Packaged in the form of cylindrical sticks, they allow the creation of traces or flat areas. They are also used wet on a brush.
  • The pastels with wax which are composed of pigments and wax. Very often they complement another means of drawing like watercolor or pastel dry, because they repel water and catch the powder.
The different types of pastels bold are available commercially from 9 euros the box of 12.


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