Armored door versus door shielding: what to choose?

Armored door versus door shielding: what to choose?

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Because 80% of burglars try to enter homes through the front door, it is essential to secure the latter, especially if you live in an isolated area. There are two solutions for this: door shielding or armored door. Overview of the advantages of these proposals to better make your choice.

What is an armored door or a door shield for?

Before making your choice, it is important to understand that whatever the solution chosen, it is not a question of making your door tamper-proof but of delaying the break-in. Studies have shown that burglars are easily discouraged if a door resists because they rely on speed to guarantee their discretion. In addition, when a door is secured, breaking in requires a lot of noise and thus attracts the curiosity of neighbors and passers-by. Securing your door will prevent it from giving way when knocked on and that it dislodges with the use of a crowbar.

Door shielding to keep your original door

Door shielding consists simply of adding a steel shielding sheet to your existing door (practical when living in a building or subdivision that imposes the style of the door). To make this device effective, it will be necessary to add a shielding on the frame of the door because it would be too heavy for the hinges which support the weight. The ideal is to complete the shielding with a security lock. Be aware that there are two solutions for door shielding: flat shielding, which simply covers your door, and sheathing shielding which has a return on each side, thus best protecting the door and its edges.
The door shielding allows a significant additional security, even we do not really know its resistance level (no test can be performed in the factory), the result depends on your door and the installation of the shielding. It is therefore a solution that is not certified by the National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), which may be requested by your insurance. Regarding prices, the door shielding can be 30% cheaper than an armored door because the materials will be less, but beware of the cost of labor. So don't hesitate to compare quotes.

The armored door unit for optimal security

Certified by the CNPP, the armored door undergoes laboratory tests so as to offer a standard classified into three levels and corresponding to the burglary resistance time: A2P BP1, BP2, BP3 for 5, 10 and 15 minutes respectively (it the same is true for secure locks). The door and the frame constitute one and the same block so as to make the break-in as difficult as possible. Note that armored doors have rather standard sizes but that the decor style has largely evolved. You can thus obtain a wooden covering for example. Count between 1,500 and 4,000 euros for the armored door unit (here, materials are more expensive than labor).


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