My wood stove is making smoke. What should I do ?

My wood stove is making smoke. What should I do ?

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Answer: sweep the stove, replace the door seal ... or simply close the stove window!

First of all, maybe the window of the wood stove is not properly closed, simply? This happens more often than you think… Among the more serious problems, it is possible that the door seal is worn or damaged. In this case, it will need to be replaced to resolve the situation. You will certainly find in the trade everything necessary to achieve this. Another possible source to explain this misadventure: the wood stove draw. Either it no longer works, and in this case you will need to clean the stove and check that the exhaust pipe is not blocked. Don't forget to have it swept regularly! Either the print is not suitable for your installation; not being powerful enough, it does not allow the smoke to escape properly. In any case, call on an industry professional who will inspect your installation.


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