The advantages of roller shutters

The advantages of roller shutters

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Whether you want to install roller shutters for the first time or carry out renovation work, it is not always easy to decide as the choice of shutters offered in the trade is vast. After having made the list of the advantages of swing shutters, you present the advantages of roller shutters, practical and more aesthetic than you think!

Practical roller shutters

What makes roller shutters successful is of course their practicality. No need to open the window (and therefore let the cold into the house) when you close your shutters: with this system, everything is done from the inside. Different types of closures can be considered: strap, crank or electric. Note that this last model is more and more widespread and allows to control the closing of your shutter by switch or by remote control. In case of renovation, the installation is done very simply, by adding a built-in safe to the switchboard or by fixing on the front if the configuration does not allow the safe to be installed (we will then speak of an apparent safe).

Insulating and secure shutters

In terms of insulation (the latter of course depends on the quality of the materials chosen), the roller shutter is positioned at the top of the basket. It provides good sound and thermal insulation of your home. PVC models insulate better than aluminum, unless the boards have reinforced insulation. Safety is also there, with additional guarantees on a number of models such as the anti-lift system.

New aesthetic models

Very discreet when open, the shutters allow you to fade in favor of your facade. When they are closed, on the other hand, aesthetics have not always been there: we often associate the roller shutters with the gray PVC models which have largely invaded our habitats. Now there are new models, of all colors, which allow you to personalize your shutters by bringing them a decorative touch. Finally, some models with adjustable slats allow you to no longer have to choose between shutters and roller shutters. These systems, motorized for many of them, are perfect for regulating the light and ventilation in your interior. Thanks to several positions, the slats adapt to your needs: privacy, brightness or ventilation, in addition to being very contemporary and aesthetic!

Perfect for "outsized" openings

If you have openings longer than 2.50 meters, the installation of roller shutters is recommended. This is also the case if your windows are very close together because they will prevent the installation of shutters. Finally, for roof windows, roller shutters are again the best option. The large bay windows with a contemporary spirit will go perfectly with a rolling shutter (preferring aluminum models if the bay is very wide to avoid any risk of deformation). If you install your shutters in a new construction, know that there are bay windows with integrated shutters, like the Geom-Somfy model from € 519 at Castorama.

Economical roller shutters

For tight budgets, manual PVC models are perfect (from € 50). Aluminum, a little more expensive (count 150 €), is however more resistant to time and does not require maintenance. Be careful to choose an insulated aluminum model if you are looking for energy performance. Motorized models, on the other hand, remain much more affordable than those for swing shutters and will resist wear well (from € 200). These will be more resistant over time (reduced risk of wear or misuse) and the models that run on solar energy can save you money even if they are far more expensive to buy.


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