3 decorative tips for a child's bedroom

3 decorative tips for a child's bedroom

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A child's bedroom is his "home", his world. Build a decor in his image, a cocoon of his own, where to play, dream, create, rest ... All in a soft, tidy and well thought out atmosphere, to his taste but also to yours!

More than a simple decoration, creating a story

He likes pirates or cats? Respecting your tastes is essential. On the other hand, we avoid the total look and we disseminate elements in the room: a lamp, a piece of wallpaper, small objects, stickers ... The simplest is to choose a theme (fox, walk in the forest ...) and accessorize accordingly.

In terms of paint (depolluting or mineral!), I recommend neutral colors (gray, white, pastel, etc.) and boost the decor with more "flashy" touches. There is less risk that he gets tired, and he can easily change the decor according to his tastes while growing up. And it is not because we decorate a child's room that we should turn our back on design! Children's furniture is increasingly following current trends (Scandinavian, industrial) Treat yourself!

A comfortable and welcoming cocoon

To feel at home, what could be better than your first name displayed on the wall, or on the door? In knitting, painting, masking tape or on a blackboard wall, let your child play the decor game by creating his own words on the walls. On the heat side, we put on pretty soft lamps, comfortable rugs, poufs and cushions to bask on them at will.

You can also encourage privacy with a cabin bed (all children love cabins!) Or teepees, perfect for inviting their friends to play and exchange secrets. And to receive, precisely, we put on the big armchairs and the armchairs to unfold if the latter remained sleeping!

Indispensable storage!

To prevent your living room from being invaded by toys, I advise you to multiply the scalable and modular storage in your kid's room. Toy boxes (practical with castors), trunks and bookcases are essential to prevent your belongings from lying around everywhere! The slightest cm2 is good to take: I appreciate the storage space under the bed and the mezzanines, as soon as your child is old enough to climb! Finally think of the walls: they are full of potential! Shelves, coat hooks ... Personally, I completely fall for these hexagonal shelves. To summarize, the important thing for a child's room is that it is in its image, welcoming, and tidy to be able to play at will! For more advice for parents, don't hesitate to visit Olive, Banana and watermelon!

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