Scandinavian decor: adopt the style from the cold

Scandinavian decor: adopt the style from the cold

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Nothing like a Scandinavian-inspired home sweet home to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Pastel colors, graphic patterns, natural materials: it only takes a little to adopt the style that came from the cold!

Cocooning & Scandinavian atmosphere

The Scandinavians are the pros of cozy decoration. Thanks to the decor, they bring the light and warmth that they don't have outside during the long winter months. Soft wood, vintage design inspired by the 50s and predominance of white , the Scandinavian style is more than ever in trend! Do you also dream of a cozy Nordic nest? A few clever choices will give your interior the Stockholm touch. First, we unclutter as much as possible to keep only the essentials. Priority to clarity and natural materials ! On the furniture side, opt for a Swedish sideboard like the NYLA sideboard, the CALIFORNIA ice blue convertible sofa, which will also save you space, or a geometric coffee table. In Scandinavian decor, we favor organic and raw curves reminiscent of nature. Choose your furniture in light or white wood: exit metal or dark wood. Finally, opt for lights that give pride of place to clean lines and graphics , like the SOFT desk lamp.

Pastel colors and geometric patterns

Polar blue , bright yellow, triangular prints or rafters , so many winks that will make you feel like you are in Oslo or Copenhagen. The colors and graphic patterns warm the atmosphere, as if to punctuate and dress the white soft setting of typically Scandinavian interiors. The success of a Nordic decor is in the details. The ideal is to bring these elements in small touches in the decor, with our pretty hexagonal shelves RUSH, some graphic cushions, our colorful POPPY armchair or even a wallpaper with triangular patterns. On the material side, we play on the raw and natural side thanks to a plaid placed on the sofa, a pretty graphic vase or our KRYS long pile carpet . But it's not just Scandinavia in life ... Also discover our inspirations for a Zen or warm Asian atmosphere of Moroccan type!

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