How to arrange a small surface?

How to arrange a small surface?

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Do you have a tiny studio and don't know how to set it up? It's no secret: a small surface rhymes with lack of space. Modular furniture, partitioned space, clever storage, here are 3 good ideas to save space!

Idea n ° 1: choose modular furniture

of the modular furniture or small will be very practical in a studio: a sofa that turns into a bed like our SOGNO model, the SPEED extendable table or even the small coffee tables SIWA. The ideal is also to favor multifunctional furniture offering storage possibilities. In a studio, care must be taken to unclutter the space as much as possible. The library LORENA allows for example both to tidy up and to modulate the space.

Idea n ° 2: partition the spaces

The studio is a small area where the bedroom, living room and kitchen areas are one, which can sometimes be oppressive. If you cannot partition with sliding doors or large shelves, you must compartmentalize spaces with simple means. A tip can be to use a nice carpet, like our OSLO model to delimit the living room space. Another very simple detail to set up: the use of a luminaire for each space. Each corner thus has its own light source: Street lamp CABLE in the living room, wall lamp for the entrance, bedside lamp SOFT for the bedroom.

Idea n ° 3: multiply smart storage

In a studio, it is strongly advised not to overload the walls with shelves or cupboards at the risk of creating an impression of suffocation. But since it is necessary to optimize the space to the maximum, use them to install small tall storage or attach hooks . Also remember to optimize abandoned or unnecessary spaces: lockers and boxes under the bed or shelves above the doors.

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