The color goes to the table

The color goes to the table

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No need to wait for spring to invite colors to your table ... This year tablecloths, dishes, glasses and cutlery dress in colors to brighten up the table before the arrival of sunny days. We announce the color in this article!

Dress code #UnitedColors

Gone are the days when neutral tones always had the last word at the table. The colors, whether flashy, delicate, pop or pastel now have a say, not just during summer or holiday days. Glasses, plates, cutlery and household linens now comply with the dress code #UnitedColors which follows the trend on the fringes of the sober and Natural Nordic movement. Nothing like a table dressed in colors to create a cheerful and vitamin effect. Whether to accompany dishes with exotic accents or to warm up a table during a winter that plays on extensions, colors are your best allies.

#MixAndMatch trend

It is well known, the pleasure of eating also passes through the eyes! It is precisely to respond to this axiom that the table Arts are constantly reinventing themselves. Latest trend in sight? The art of Mix and Match which consists of mismatching and superimposing the elements and colors of the table. The COLORS tableware range perfectly illustrates this trend. We like the chromatic nuances of its large and small plates, of its bowls and its bowls earthenware… But not as much as the mix and match game it offers us. Mustard yellow, duck blue, anise green, purple, navy blue, taupe, gray or white invite you to send the color to the table… Place your bets, at the table as well as on the side of your kitchen utensils!

#Totallook or #alliance codes

Do you fear the carnival effect? Do not panic, colors fit perfectly with others decor trends of the table Arts. Need a demonstration? Place laminated and carefully mismatched Vinyl placemats under plates in white porcelain and revel in an energizing and surreptitiously colored effect. More stylized, the plates terracotta tiles from the IKAT range give relief to your table. Their graphic patterns with irregular coral, water green or gray herringbone go as well with woody and natural shades as with a LACARRE cotton tablecloth with a striped and colorful bias. Perfect for giving your exclamation mark table… Because the pleasure of the pupils is matched only by that of the taste buds!

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