A cozy sofa

A cozy sofa

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In XL version with a corner, convertible, multi-position with a Lounge module or even with Relax function ... The 2016 sofa multiplies the proposals and tips. Here are the best news of the moment!

Today's sofas: style, modularity and functionality!

First of all, know that the size of your living room is decisive in knowing which model to turn to. Note: a sofa that is too large will suffocate your room and, conversely, too small, it will seem lost. Good news, however, no need to choose between style and functionality, the new sofas combine the two. If you have space, it is best to choose a corner model lazy version. The cocooning afternoons and evenings with friends are yours! The must of the moment is called ARTIC: With its integrated adjustable headrests, its convertible function and its long meridian, it accumulates the good points. For small spaces, which often accommodate last-minute guests, the option of two or three convertible seats is the best ally. Often sold at very reasonable prices, it comes in several colors to give a boost to your interior (CALIFORNIA, MAURO).

Let yourself be surprised by their hidden tricks…

For the regulars of the living room looking for an easy-to-live sofa to read and watch a movie, make way for very clever new models… Some now offer a Relax function allowing the seat to recline in order to raise the legs (RIO, VAL MEUBLE). To read both sitting and lying down, others have a rotating tablet with integrated LED lamp (SOGNO) on the armrest. No more light problems! Finally, to welcome all their tribe at home, make way for very large corner sofas whose modular bench / ottoman creates a XXL relaxation area (COMING)… or a real lounge area. You will understand, the sofa has nothing to do with this massive, heavy and fixed room that it may have been in the past ... Today, it is an ally that plays with your interior and adapts to all your needs !


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