How to choose and find your (cheap) lights?

How to choose and find your (cheap) lights?

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Bring light touches where they are missing

Whether you do all your decoration around a favorite lamp or it arrives like the icing on the cake to complete the atmosphere of a room, keep in mind that a light is a determining element of your decor and therefore it must be chosen with care.

But there is no question of flooding a room with lamps and sconces just because you find them pretty: the golden rule for choose the right lights in a room is to take into account the natural light of the latter, then ofbring bright touches only where they are missing!

Each room has its own lighting… and its lights!

For the living room, since it is a room in which people spend most of their time in a house, it is better to favor sufficiently powerful lighting (so that you can read, eat and spend time in your living room seeing it clearly) but with a warm light or one modular lighting to create a softer atmosphere if necessary.

For the dining room, it is advisable to light above the table with a pendant or floor lamp. Ditto in the kitchen: direct the light on your work surface and / or your central island to prepare food safely!
In the bathroom, fairly powerful lighting above the mirror will avoid shadows and everyone can make up or shave with the greatest possible precision.
However, for the bedroom, be sure to choose a more subdued and subdued lighting : the atmosphere will be all the more soothing and intimate.

Combine lighting to personalize your interior

The key to success for a successful interior lighting, it's from combine different lights by varying the light sources as much as possible (two or three per room). To do this, you can associate a central light (a ceiling light) with one or more secondary sources.

Attach the pendant lights to the center of the room or above strategic points that need to be well lit (dining table, worktop, etc.), and the floor or auxiliary lamps in the areas where you want to create a more cozy atmosphere.
Modulate and change the atmosphere according to the time and / or need: dimmers are perfect for this!
Finally, do not forget that lighting plays a dual role, functional and aesthetic: a lamp must be as beautiful on as it is off!

Light in style to perfect your decor

Light is a key element of any successful decoration. Whether lively or soft, it can change an atmosphere and reveal interiors, whatever their style.
So, if you are a fan of the loft or factory style, bet on industrial spirit lamps : their geometric lines and timeless materials (metal, steel, bronze) will find their place in any interior. Indispensable, sculptural suspensions in the workshop or factory style immediately bring character to a room.

For a more Zen atmosphere, opt for mineral spirit lights, in natural gray or bluish colors reminiscent of the sea. wooden lamps will support an eco-chic style, while lamps in variegated fabrics or ceramic will integrate into a bohemian or ethnic chic atmosphere.
Finally, the current trend is in pop colors: for a contemporary and urban interior, do not hesitate to bet on colorful lamps with playful shapes!

Find cheap fixtures

To light up your interior without breaking the bank with cheap lighting, there are many tips:

  • Take advantage of private sales, special offers and occasional promotions in physical decoration stores or online;
  • Buy on second-hand websites: after all, a lamp wears out much less quickly than a sofa or table!
  • Flea markets, flea markets and garage sales are also a great way to find pretty cheap fixtures for you!


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