The art of storage according to Marie Kondo

The art of storage according to Marie Kondo

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We often accumulate objects, up to the overflow ... The solution? Tidy ! But keeping the essentials. Marie Kondo, author of The magic of storage * offers a simple method to achieve happiness through storage! Ready to breathe?

Step 1: sort

Book a day for sort it all at once of anything that may exist in your home sweet home. All of a sudden we put away, and we proceed by category of objects. And that goes through the heart ... We start with the clothes, then the books, papers and various objects. Put all your books in the middle of a room, to see how many there are. Then take them one by one, and ask yourself if this book gives you joy. Yes ? Keep it. No ? Sell, barter or give! And it works for everything, even panties. The idea is to distinguish the essential from the superfluous. If an object is neither useful nor joyful, it's time to get rid of it!

Step 2: put away

Now you only have the elected. Important objects. You will be able to put them away again. Again, Marie Kondo has recipes to do it consistently ... library welcoming and above all modular like the model LORENA… Little tip: try to keep an empty shelf. Just to feel that, if necessary, there is always room at home. Clothes vertically in drawers or shelves, arranged by categories (dresses, sweaters, etc.). Nothing could be easier than composing your custom dressing with models MALO. And you don't fold your socks into a ball! We respect them by storing them in boxes just like the tights, because they work hard all day long… Finally, we classify small objects by category (all cleaning products in one place, all cosmetics together) and in a defined place. We use it, we put it away: nothing lingers. Voila, the decluttering took place, the stress begins to fly away… all the more that the functionality of the 2 in 1 furniture allows you to save space! Take the time to congratulate yourself, surrounded by objects that make you really happy and lighter! And to read the youtube tutorials, it's here! ** The magic of storage, by Marie Kondo (First Editions)

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